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4 Tips To Write A One Of A Kind Best Man’s Speech

Once you accept the „job” of being the best man for a friend, you know it won’t be an easy one. You need to organize the bachelor party and you need to keep the wedding rings safe during the wedding day. Apart from these difficulties, the most frightening task will be to address the best man’s speech. Considering that it’s your friend’s wedding it should be one of a kind, one that will be remembered.

Many people tend to underestimate its importance and the way they should prepare for it. They consider that it will all come naturally and they won’t have any problem talking in front of a large audience. Well, these people are wrong. You should always prepare your speech carefully if you want it to represent you entirely. Here are some tips you should take into consideration when writing your best man’s speech.

1.      Create a framework for your speech

The great majority of speeches consist of amusing tales about the newlyweds. Rather than focusing on that, you should try and highlight the important aspects of the groom and his relationship with his wife.  Think about the groom for a bit, have a brainstorming session. Write down every quality that comes to your mind when you think of him. Once you’re done, you’ll have a decent list of qualities.

The list is done, what now? Well, right now you should recall the best memories of him that can highlight those qualities. Think about general stories that can evidentiate that, don’t try to use inside jokes or stories that only a small group of people know about. Everyone should relate to the memories you talk about. This is the only way to send the appropriate message.

2.     Short is good, funny is better

You don’t want to make the guests fall asleep and you definitely don’t want to make them sad. You should create a short speech, one that’s full of essence. Another important thing you should do is to gracefully combine humor and sentimentalism.

If your audience has laughed in the past 4 minutes and you come up with a deep story about the couple, you’ll have better chances of touching their feelings. By making them laugh you make them raise their guard, thus ease your access to their heart.

3.     The newlyweds should be your focal point

Don’t be a narcissist, try and shift the audience’s attention towards the bride and groom. Your speech should have a lot of stories about the groom. About the way he evolved into wonderful person he now is. You should also focus some of your speech on the bride.

If you don’t have any interesting stories about her, you can always ask for help. A good person to go when you want to find out more about the bride is the bridesmaid. She should definitely offer some very amusing, but compelling stories about her.

4.     Create a clear and logical structure

When you state an opinion you should always come up with some information to support it. This information should be structured in a logical manner. This way everyone will receive the message you want to send and they won’t have any trouble understanding it.

Because this stage of the process can be quite stressful and time-consuming, many people ask for professional help. A research paper writing service can become your best friend during this process. They can structure your speech in a way that will evidentiate the newlyweds’ qualities.


Being a best man can be very stressful. You have to be a great organizer, a safe keeper and, most importantly, a great writer and speaker. The first two aspects are not that difficult, you won’t need too much help to check them on your list. The last one might be the most difficult. If you keep in mind these tips when creating your speech, you will be a best man that everyone will remember.

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