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Boost Brainpower with Modafinil

Boost Brainpower with Modafinil

Is there such a thing as a pill that can make you smarter? Perhaps would there be something that can energize and help you stay awake? This might sound a dream but in reality, there already is. Introducing Modafinil.

Now you might be thinking about the movie, Lucy, where Scarlett Johansson used a pill to let her use her brain at 40% more capacity. Sadly, this is not the pill you’re looking for. But it’s close though. It makes you perform better, but it doesn’t give you martial arts skills.

Before you can ask yourself, “where can I buy modafinil” here are some facts you need to take note of.

What is Modafinil?

In 1998 in the US, Modafinil has been prescribed. This was used in order to treat sleep conditions like sleep apnea and narcolepsy. Its effects are very much like that of caffeine. Studies have shown that taking this has other cognitive benefits. They noticed that individuals who took Modafinil are more accurate and has higher cognitive functions like learning and attention. But don’t run to your nearest pharmacy yet. It is ideal for taking any drug to read online modafinil reviews and especially consulting your doctor.

What can it do though?

Though doctors are likely to prescribe the drug-off label content in order to help boost their brains and alertness, there are still no long term effects being recorded. Safety is still a big question when taking Modafinil. There are still concerns whether this drug might lose its effectiveness when used for long term.

Users would argue that the long term usage would be based on tolerance, so its potency and its effect on the person may be determined by how long he or she has been using it.

Any side effects?

Aside from that, there still concerns with regards to its side effects. Using modafinil can cause insomnia, headache and stomachache. These are considered light especially if you have no ailing conditions before. However if there is, the risks might be higher than its benefits.

Cognitive effects of using modafinil are apparent.

Again there are no medicines that don’t have side effects, and this one certainly packs quite a few.

What are the benefits?

There’s focus enhancement, thought acceleration, memory enhancement, and even motivation enhancement. It is no wonder then that was once a drug to treat narcolepsy has now been used to boost an individual’s brain power. However, according to experts they are not yet sure how this works. Even the long term effects and side effects are not known.

Looking deeper, Modafinil is a synthetic molecule of the benzyhydryl class. This compound has two benzene rings that are attached to a single carbon molecule. Aside from its benzyhydryl molecure, it also has sulphinyl which is a sulphur molecure double-bonded to an oxygen molecule. Even more, modafinil is structurally analogous to fluorafinil which is a benzyhydryl stimulant.

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