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Danabol and its effects like testosterone

Danabol is a great steroid which is available in many brands such as Dianabol, Methandrostenolone or Blue hearts as well as it looks just like little hearts in blue color. The creation of this drug was done by Dr Ziegler in the event of making the players win many accolades in the Olympics. This was because the Russians also did the same thing and tried to rig the game. But little did the inventor know that it would take the sports world to a new high and that the use of Dianabol and other steroids would never evade away. As and when the years progressed, the game improved drastically which made the sports authorities suspicious making them to start the tests. It was then banned and the players were also lack listed from the sports. The players still did not stop here as the effects of Danabol on testosterone hormone are great and incomparable.

More on the Drug

This news spread like wild fire and the drug was banned in most of the countries and ever since it has been black marketed for the sports users. This has also given rise to the underground labs to create substitutes which look just like the real drug but has less impact. You can find many suppliers available online that is ready to deliver it to your doorstep. But only at the receiver’s risk as there are many legal implications that can be imposed upon the users if caught in the act. The effects of Danabol on testosterone are very high as it is second best after testosterone. Testosterone is a natural hormone available among males as it is created by the testicles which get the signal from the pituitary glands placed at the back of the brain. It is the size of the pea but has a very high responsibility on the body system. It is also found among women in their ovaries but in a very less quantity as compared to that among males.

Women should take this drug with a caution as it would harm them in a negative way. This would be deepening of the voice or hair on the face and chest. All these are secondary characteristics of the body for male which develop among women. It has many forms and can be chosen as per the requirements of the users. Some prefer the injections as it would least affect the liver. This would pass out without impacting the body systems. But if you consume the pills it would not do the same. The dosage is also imperative for you as a user. If you consume them in the wrong or high doses then it would impact the user in a negative way. Also if you consume it in fewer doses then it would not have the same effect as it should. The effects happen with many parameters such as the age, height, weight, gender, metabolism and many more. If all these are in the right place then it would make a positive impact in terms of the results.

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