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Dreams Made Into Reality

Dreams Made Into Reality!

There are people who dare to dream. They have a goal and work very hard to make them real. They face challenges but they are not deterred by them. Such people are true leaders. They have values and principles and lead by example. For a business to grow and run successfully, it is important for it to have a true leader. This leader will show the path and the employees of the company will follow to expand and make the business trusted in the world!

In the USA, such a business leader is Bill Lauder. He began his success story with a dream. He wanted to make his grandmother’s company an international name of quality and trust. He was successful in his endeavor. Today, his grandmother’s company is a top player in the beauty, personal care, skincare and haircare industry- The Estee Lauder Company!

The Estee Lauder Company did not begin big. It started small and had just four products to its name. Mrs Estee Lauder and her husband started the Company in 1946 with just four products. These products became international best sellers in the market and within a span of just two years, Mrs Estee Lauder was able to open her first departmental store in New York.

Mrs Estee Lauder was one of the top premium beauty companies in the USA when Bill Lauder joined. However, the Company was only known in the USA. Bill Lauder had a dream. He wanted to make the Estee Lauder Company famous throughout the world. For this reason he started to take charge of many important departments of the company like human resources, retail and distribution. He worked hard to increase the brand portfolio of the company. The products of the company started to receive recognition and awards for their quality and goodwill. Gradually, Bill Lauder was seeing his dream become a reality.

In order to give his customers a personal touch, he took over the online activities of the company. This helped him to get valuable feedback and improve products as per the desires of the customer. Bill Lauder here was successful. Customers started to become more loyal and the customer base of the company started to expand through word of mouth. Both men and women loved the different products that were promoted by the Estee Lauder Company. With the passage of time, the name and fame of the Company grew making Bill Lauder’s dream of international recognition of Estee Lauder brands come true!

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