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Hide Your Age With Somatropin

Human growth horomone (HGH) is a protein based peptide hormone popularly known as Somatropin which is highly influential in increasing strength, muscle mass and is prescribed for certain situations which involve hormonal deficiencies of childhood and adults. It refers to combined growth hormones in human beings and also manages anti-ageing process of adults. It reduces fat and muscle wasting in diseases like HIV and AIDS. It is effective in treating low growth level, short stature, growth failure and to treat ailments like short bowel syndrome. It is injected either under the skin or into a muscle which can be self-administered and sometimes done by a professional health care provider.

Some additional benefits

Somatropin is created naturally in the human body. It is stowed by the pituitary gland which is situated at the base of the brain. It is responsible for controlling many tasks in the body. Somatropin is a prescription drug which is accountable for growth in children and adolescents. It increases stamina and develops overall strength and also legalizes fat distribution throughout the body. HGH demonstrates good results in decreasing weight gain, prevents the appearance of sagging skin, wrinkles, continuous feeling of tiredness and poor heart condition. It is also helpful for people with depressed sex drive, low concentration and focus.

Proper dosage intake

If a physician prescribed somatropin to a patient then he needs to follow his instruction of doses but if one is administering his own dosage then there are certain guidelines:For anti-aging purpose 2 IU is needed which can be injected anytime in a day on either a full stomach or an empty stomach. To get maximum results it should be taken in the morning or some hours before retiring to bed.Athletes use 4 IU for bodybuilding, general fitness and losing fat.

Several people take 6 IU everyday but it can also lead to some side effects. It’s better if one spreads the daily dose into several injections during different times of the day, like 2 IU in the morning and 2 IU in the afternoon.To quickly recover from severe injuries or burns 8 to 16 IU can be taken every day. This being a very high dose should not be sustained for many weeks.

Precautions to be taken into consideration

It is mandatory to trail a physician’s instructions for the correct dosage which necessarily depends on the purpose of this drug. Somatropin is a prescription drug which is an injectable solution and it’s good not to shake the solution strongly as this affects the complex arrangement of the medicine making it useless and it can also cause many reactions to the patient’s body. It is significant to keep the needles or syringes used for injecting in separated sharps containers. Before taking this treatment one must consider certain important facts. Always inform your doctor about your past and prevailing medical diseases, particularly trauma, cancer, allergies, sleep apnea, diabetes, problems related to vision, high blood pressure, pregnancy and pancreatic disorder.

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